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We specialize in fostering collaborative partnerships with various businesses and brands, working collectively towards mutual growth and success. Our approach is straightforward, and we kindly request that each product we promote be accompanied by a comprehensive letter outlining the scope of work involved.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of your company, product, or brand, we kindly ask for a concise overview highlighting its unique attributes and distinguishing features. Additionally, it is imperative that you provide us with essential web links or references that can be shared with our audience for easy access. Furthermore, please include your contact information for seamless communication.

It is important to note that Gossip Station USA serves as a host for the promoters and influencer in our engagements. However, Gossip Station USA, Promoters, and Influencers cannot be held liable for any product failures or injuries resulting from the manufacturer’s actions. Similarly, she bears no responsibility for a lack of sales or potential legal issues that may arise in connection with your products, brands, or businesses.

We uphold a commitment to promoting positivity and inclusivity. Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate any promotions that involve content or activities that promote hate speech, discrimination against any individuals or organizations, or disrespect towards personal beliefs.

Our typical response time is 24 hours or less, ensuring prompt and efficient communication. In cases where we experience a heavy workload, we may need to temporarily decline certain projects; however, we are open to rescheduling once our workload allows.

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